Who  We  Are

Personal + wellness , reimagined.

LE NOUVOU is a brand specializing in wellcare Cosmetics that seeks beauty and a healthy lifestyle.

Well Care is a combination of Wellness and Personal Care that was created to talk about our personal well-being.

We have created a product that prevents you from having to go through doctor appointment and prescription. An easily accessiable solution for your hair, skin problems and other problems arising from stress.

Personal care is very important and necessary, but we're actually not doing

very well.

LE NOUVOU believes that everyday products should truly change beauty

and support a healthy lifestyle.

We always have to manage and feel our best, and LE NOUVOU wants

everyone to find the right product to make you feel incredible.

" Your body, Your control. Healthy you."

LE NOUVOU studies ingredients obsessively, does not use specific harmful

ingredients, but creates a safe product using only clean and effective high

quality ingredients that can have a healthy effect.